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3D models, visualizations in 3D
Drawings, paintings, pgotographs and mixed media work
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3D models for animations / WW1 biplanes for games

One of my first models, which I animated as well. Very basic but fun to remember.
Falling Sands - This animation was never completed, for lack of time and resources. I love the set up with the sand in the sand-clock and the piano figure. it is vaguely based on an old painting I did several years ago. Maybe one day I will retake the idea and do a music video with it.
This was a team effort from my Animation Masters. We all animated one of the models, plus shared some other duties on the production. The mannequin model was done by me, as was the scene and lighting, plus the final edit.
My second non-organic model and my first animation and walk cycles. The model was based loosely on the Dragoon unit from the famous Starcraft game by Blizzard
These two biplanes from WW1 were started for a planned ad-on for the il-2 Sturmovik Flight Simulator Series that actually didn't get completed. These models are the Phonix D.II and the Roland C.II and only made it to texturing stages. Shame really.
Roland C.II on the stages of development. This is just the highest LOD and texture. Damage models or lower LODs were never completed. The models are about 3200 triangles (3 sided polys)