animation and video productions
designs & web design
3D models, visualizations in 3D
Drawings, paintings, pgotographs and mixed media work
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Mixed Media Art
This is a collection of work realised using photography, photoshop and chemicals. The images are developed using photographic techniques over canvas and hard-board. These works are inspired by the lyrics of Joy Division, creative space design and my own experiences on loss.
A Space Contemplating From Faith To Where Into The Light
Procession Moves On Seeing You There Special Moment In Time This Is The Way
Towards The Inside Watch Them As They Go Where I Waited For You Exhibition Space
Here are some samples of other work I have done in series. These are a combination of Photography, chemicals, wax, latex and paint; all on different supports.
Chemical Flowers (series) Playgrounds (series) Playgrounds (series) Wax Windows (series)