animation and video productions
designs & web design
3D models, visualizations in 3D
Drawings, paintings, pgotographs and mixed media work
My CV and details
web design / print and design
Web design
I have been doing web design for mora than 5 years years, and I have been involved in quite a few websites, from corporate to commercial to community projects. Some of these are part of a whole contract that carries branding, design and print material, and website.
Print and illustration
This is a selection of design materials I have been involved in, including leaflets, folders, books and illustrations. I love drawing and illustration and the computer is a great tool for such task. Some of these works are not just the design but also the whole branding for the campaign or the client, including colours, logo, branding guides and the look and feel of all these combined.
Euro campaign
These were part of a local campaign in Spain to promote the new currency and rise awareness to local residents on how the new currency will impact their lives. The initiative was developed in conjunction between local development agency and the retailers association.