animation and video productions
designs & web design
3D models, visualizations in 3D
Drawings, paintings, pgotographs and mixed media work
My CV and details
Paintings, Drawings & Experimental Art
These are some works I have created over the years using standard Oils and Acrylics on canvas. I concentrate in ideas of solitude and isolation, sometimes mixed with romantic ideas or gothic influences. Some are quite experimental whilst others are very straight forward inmediate motifs.
Mixed media
These are a collection and samples of different work I have created in my search for expressing my ideas combining principles of photography with computer manipulated images and different materials. The themes move quite in the same direction as before, but with a bigger emphasis in space, light and dramatic "arquitectonic" rooms.
These are more simple pieces of work developed entirely on the computer using simple techniques. These are in parallel with my other photographic paintings, just accomplished in a more direct photographic sense of construction.